Leadership Programs

Over 13 Years Experience Delivering
Leadership Development Programs
For Healthcare Managers/Leaders

• Content For The New And Seasoned Manager
• Reality Based Focusing On Current Issues
• Programs Tailored To Organizational /Leadership Needs

Join the thousands of health care managers/leaders who have participated in our programs since 1997.

Empower those who manage/lead employees in the world of health care delivery. Providing effective tools and resources for success is an essential component of leadership development. Our course content includes the fundamentals as well as "take aways" for immediate implementation with a workbook that include web sites, easy to follow tips, references, and more!

Whether it is a program for new charge nurses or seasoned nurse managers, our faculty offers reality based knowledge that confronts the daily leadership challenges in health care delivery.

Ongoing development and support of mid-level managers is essential in engaging staff in the mission and goals of the organization. We deliver targeted and timely topics that empowers staff to achieve success in their roles.

Shelley Cohen RN MSN CEN

Our Image, Our Choice: Perspectives on Shaping, Empowering, and Elevating the Nursing Profession.

by Shelley Cohen, RN, BS, CEN and Kathleen Bartholomew, RC, RN, MN

Develop and preserve a professional image of Nursing! Read the pivotal book on shaping, empowering, and elevating the Nursing Profession.

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"Shelley’s no nonsense approach to accountability is refreshing!!!"

"Shelley was engaging, “right on”. Humanizing, innovative- Great Work!"

"Ms. Cohen has an effective style, including take-home results and is able to present in a way that engages the audience and includes humor. "


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