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Health Resources Unlimited, LLC

522 Seiber Ridge Road, Hohenwald, TN 38462

Health Resources Unlimited was founded in 1997 by Shelley Cohen RN MSN CEN and her husband Dennis Reynolds. Together they built a reputation for realistic and quality educational content as well as exceptional customer service. They are committed to their passion for;

  • The best interest of patient care
  • Promoting professionalism in nursing
  • Mentoring and supporting new nurse graduates and the novice manager
  • Giving back to those in need and those who serve others

Our mission and purpose is to:

  • Offer reality based reasonably priced education, consulting, and coaching services for the health care industry and health care personnel
  • Make a positive impact on health care workers by sharing our knowledge through education
  • Empower health care workers through a coaching process to find their way in the constantly changing and challenging health care environment
  • Offer quality in all areas to include seminar site locations, teaching materials, and customer services
  • Increase awareness among health care workers to issues related to all victims of abuse; child, elderly and domestic violence
  • Advocate and support our Purple Heart heroes through the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (
  • Encourage nurses to become actively involved in "giving back" either locally or through a national effort
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Message From Shelley

I want to share with you information that not only tells you what I do, but more so tells you who I am. I love being a nurse and 2010 was my 35th year in the profession. It all started when my Dad was ill when I was a little girl and my mother would dress me up as a nurse to help care for him. Then I took my nursing campaign to the streets when during Halloween I dressed up in a white sheet with a red cross on it. Now I coach and educate other health care workers and leaders to feel empowered in giving the very best in patient care. When I am not teaching or developing courses I am publishing articles, creating Tips of The Month for triage and managers or even better yet working prn in the Emergency Department. Our house is probably not a lot different than yours with a dog and a cat, maybe the four horses are not as typical. With a love for trail riding and packing a peanut butter sandwich in a saddlebag, we share our love of the outdoors and horses with family, friends, and our work through the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (

About ten years or so ago (seems forever) I decided to leave the world of management and break away from the traditional... not to any surprise of those who know me. I wanted real world information to get out there so people could provide not only quality patient care but also effective leadership. Having had some powerful mentors in my career, (thank you Tom Clairmont of Lakes Region General Hospital in NH), I knew that with the right tools and resources everyone could be successful. So this journey has brought me to an updated web page, the opportunity to meet health care workers internationally (It was a thrill to work with nurses in Alaska, The Bahamas, and Grand Bahamas).

Take Good Care,

Shelley Cohen RN MSN CEN