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When we developed the business plan for Health Resources Unlimited, our goal was to somehow incorporate the same "giving back" values we have held as a family. Through years we thought our only focus was going to be working with children in foster care. However, we quickly learned that there are so many other things we can all do to help others.

Where do you find people, groups, causes to give back to while being sure your donations are being directed appropriately and safely?

Your Guide to Safe Charitable Giving:

Charity Navigator:

Clark's Charity Donation Guide:

What are some "real time" things I can do related to giving back?

  • When you see a soldier with/without their family dining out-connect with their waitress and pick up part or all of their tab
  • At the airport, offer to buy a soldier a meal and/or stop them to thank them for what they do
  • If there is a military family in your neighborhood;

    • Invite them over for a cook-out
    • Surprise them by mowing their lawn when they are away
    • Anonymously drop off gasoline gift cards under their door
  • Volunteer at your local animal rescue shelter
  • Volunteer at your child's school

Find your passion and connect with an organization directly related to that and then give back with your time and/or financial donations.
Offer to help an elderly neighbor who lives alone, or make time to just stop by and visit with them

Who can I call to get involved with foster care for children?
Contact your county Department of Children's Services, or feel free to email Shelley directly.