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WWIA Purple Heart Heroes Feature Video

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Meet the Purple Heart Heroes We Have Sponsored

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WWIA Informational Video

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In 2013, Health Resources Unlimited (HRU) began working with The Wounded Warriors In Action Foundation (www.wwiaf.og). The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation Inc. (WWIA) serves our Nation's combat wounded Purple Heart recipients by providing world-class outdoor sporting activities as a means to recognize and honor their sacrifice, encourage independence and connections with communities, and promote healing and wellness through camaraderie and a shared passion for the outdoors.

The home of Shelley Cohen and Dennis Reynolds is in a remote area where wildlife abound-a perfect hunter's location. HRU sponsored their first event with WWIAF in 2013 and were amazed at the extent of injuries these soldiers had survived. Many of these injuries have a life-long impact both physically and emotionally.

Beginning in 2014, our first event was so successful that we now host the Annual TN Whitetail Deer Hunt. In addition, we sponsor a turkey hunt in the spring and a bow hunt for deer in the fall/winter as well. These heroes become part of our family while staying on our property with some returning to volunteer themselves as a guide.

WWIA Associates are Purple Heart Heroes or American Sportsmen proven to be dedicated to WWIA. Our Associates provide the link between the Heroes and the hosts on all of our events. They serve as mentors and guides for our Heroes and have unique talents, skills, and experiences to serve the specific needs of the Heroes attending to optimize the outdoor sporting activity for everyone involved.

We are humbled by the stories of bravery and courage and proud to direct our giving back efforts to this worthy organization and honored to open our home to these incredibly brave and selfless soldiers.

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