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Nurse Leadership Education

Onsite Leadership Development

Nurse Leadership Education and Development

Educate, recruit, and retain your most vital assets; your Nursing staff and Nurse leaders

  • Build a leadership development program for all Charge Nurses and Nurse Managers
  • Develop effective orientation and mentoring programs for new Nurse Managers
  • Choose from several nurse leadership education objectives below

By selecting from a wide range of course objectives, the organization can design a program tailored to meet the needs of their Nurse leaders. Whether you have a group of newly promoted Nurses or want to further develop your more experienced Nurse Managers, we can motivate, inspire, and empower them with tools for continued success.

  • Learn effective leadership skills
  • Empower staff to be more accountable
  • Minimize staff whining
  • Develop a process for more effective staff meetings
  • Learn to take ownership and coach staff
  • Improve your interviewing skills
  • Implement valuable recruitment and retention processes
  • Engage staff in problem resolution

Successful Leadership

The practice of identifying strong clinical nurses to place in leadership positions has been a common practice in the nursing profession. Unfortunately this has set many a nurse manager on a leadership path not destined for success.
Nurse managers need leadership foundation knowledge and skills to complement their strong clinical presence. From interviewing to conducting staff meetings, these basic leadership principles are essential for effectiveness as a leader.

Survival Tips For New Managers

Defining reality is key for every manager, but especially for those of you new in your role. You must be the person who defines reality for staff-that is what the organizational expectations are of staff. Getting their reality check from peers and others will reflect in lowering your level of perceived authority and can even impact trust levels.
Expectations should be clear, in writing, readily available to staff for viewing. This is not a one- time event-reinforcing expectations should be an ongoing process for every manager.

We can mentor your newly promoted Nurse managers through on-site coaching followed by ongoing remote support to position them for a smooth transition into their new role. Orientation program design, critical thinking process development and building charge Nurse commitment are all part of our success stories.

Create your own leadership development program from a selection of course content.

Call Shelley Cohen and discuss directly with her your perceptions of nurse leaders needs and work with someone who will guide you in setting realistic goals for the team. Position nurse leaders for sustained success in their pivotal roles!

"Successfully mentoring a nurse to achieve the highest goal he or she desires to reach is one of the greatest talents you can bring to yourself, the mentee, and the organization."
Richard Hader