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Triage Programs

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Triage Competency Training Options

Education, Tools, & Resources for Nurses

Triage is risky business and nurses need the appropriate education, tools and resources to minimize this risk. Whether you are looking for live and interactive education or online learning, our internationally recognized program content addresses the safety aspects of making solid triage decisions. You want triage staff confident in their ability to critically think through their decisions and you want patients and their care givers to perceive a positive experience in this triage process. All the efforts organizations initiate to meet the high expectations surrounding health care must be matched with a solid foundation of knowledge.

Onsite Triage Training
Online Triage Training
Sustaining Triage Competency

Your investment in triage education and support is enhanced with our Triage Trainer program which provides sustainability for triage competency. The rapid turnover of clinical research data requires maintaining a current knowledge base related to triage. This knowledge should encompass a typical presentations as well as other red flags that predict potentials for patient demise.