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Triage Nurse Training

Emergency Triage Toolbelt™ Trainer

Finally a cost saving alternative for the challenge of sustaining efficient and effective triage practices in your emergency setting!
Triage Nurse at Work

Designed for Professional Nurses

Why send your ED triage nurse to this program?

  • Bring best triage practices to your facility and keep them there!
  • Maintain current standards of practice
  • Keep up to date on EMTALA issues related to triage
  • Access triage support and advice when you need it
  • Take control of scheduling when your triage classes will be held
  • Confident staff that can validate their triage decisions

Nationally Recognized Triage Nurse Training Materials

The Triage Trainer receives "Turn key - ready to go" nationally recognized course content including the following:

  • ⚫ A full day of education and tools to make triage training a success for your organization
  • ⚫ A comprehensive training portfolio
  • ⚫ Power point with prompting teaching notes
  • ⚫ Retrospective chart review templates for triage quality assessment
  • Triage Trainer chat line and conference call support
  • ⚫ Quarterly tools and resources maintain triage competency
  • ⚫ Triage TMail CD with 52 triage tips
  • ⚫ Access to Triage Trainer web page with extensive library of clinical education resources

Download The Trainer Application

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Triage Training Toolbelt

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Who is eligible to become a Triage Trainer?

  • ⚫ RN with at least 2 years of full time experience in the ED as a Triage Nurse
  • ⚫ These two years must have occurred in the past 3 years
  • ⚫ Previous experience as an instructor, educator, preceptor, such as with ACLS, PALS, etc.
  • ⚫ Skilled with the use of Power Point presentations
  • ⚫ Respected by their peer group- viewed as a mentor
  • ⚫ Recommended by either their manager or education director

Click Here to download 2019/2020 Triage Trainer Fees Schedule