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Triage Fundamentals
Online Triage Education

A comprehensive series of online triage educational activities presented by
Health Resources Unlimited and The Sullivan Group.

Triage Fundamentals begins with an e-Learning course based on the popular live presentation by Shelley Cohen, RN, MSN, CEN, The Risky Business of Triage. The series then progresses through important topics such as regulations, documentation practices, and customer service, and concludes with four courses that expose clinical red flags.

Critical thinking skills are incorporated into every lesson. Using a five-level scoring system for triage decision-making, the content is timely and relevant to current triage practices. Take an individual course or complete the entire online series for a truly comprehensive triage learning experience.

Click Here to download the 2019/2020 Triage Fundamentals Flyer. The online triage education series includes the following:

Triage Fundamentals Series

#1 The Risky Business of Triage
#2 Triage Practice Standards
#3 Triage Assessment and Documentation
#4 Triage Policy, Procedures, and Guidelines
#5 Special Considerations at Triage
#6 Violence Potentials and Violence Victims
#7 Customer Service Perceptions
#8 Clinical Components I, (Head, Neck, EENT)
#9 Clinical Components II, (Pain: Chest, Abdomen, Back, Extremity)
#10 Clinical Components III, (Fever, Seizure, Heat/Cold, Emergencies, Syncope)
#11 Clinical Components IV, (Inhalant Abuse, Toxicities, Behavior Changes)

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Triage Online Course

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Online Triage Education Series

"This was very informative and organized so I can put this into practice. One of the best courses, thanks!"
Mary Broussard
Dauterive Hospital
Triage Fundamentals #07: Customer Service Perceptions

"I LIVE this ... I LOVE this ... and I am so glad that the examples you have used have the tongue-in-cheek humor to openly address reality for us!!!"
Meredith Addison
Terre Haute Regional Hospital
Triage Fundamentals #07: Customer Service Perceptions

"This course really opened my eyes and encouraged me to take my triage skills to the next level."
Paula Ramos
Rio Grande Regional Hospital
Triage Fundamentals #04: Triage Policy, Procedures & Guidelines

"This course was effective, straight to the point with great case study examples."
Jessica Bockelman
Oak Hill Hospital
Triage Fundamentals #01: The Risky Business of Triage

"This course did a wonderful job of not only emphasizing why triage processes are important, but it made the process we already have in my department make a lot more sense."
Kadie Baker
Trident Regional Medical Center
Triage Fundamentals #02:
Triage Practice Standards

"Excellent 'wake up course' for those nurses who have become complacent. We need more courses like this one."
Eva Lapena
Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District
Triage Fundamentals #01: The Risky Business of Triage